Zippy Flounder
Zippy Flounder

The Zippy Flounder, nicknamed the "Zippy", was inspired by the carving pioneers of the late 70s. This board was designed to give you that carving longboard feeling with only half the board to carry around. Ideal for cruising thru downtown, campus or metro congested areas, the Zippy is also great for carving bowls, pools, or anything with less vert trannies.

Complete board - $250.00
Deck only - $186.00
  • Width 10"
  • Made of African Mahogany and Maple laminated to a Baltic Birch with high-grade epoxies.
  • Grip made of glass beads allowing natural hardwood beauty to shine through.
  • Special marine oil based finishes give longwood decks warmer tones and help withstand weathering.
  • The complete board comes with the eXkate torsion trucks, 3dm Avalons or tunnel wheels, and ABEC 5 Black Shield bearings.
Zippy Thumb
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