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I guess you can say I started skateboarding from the mid to late 70's. My first board was one of those narrow plastic yellow decks with the clear polyurethane wheels. We called it the banana board. Power sliding carports and riding gutters were the thing.

About 6 months into skating I had my first taste at what it takes to build a deck. Mom ran over the banana board with her station wagon, so my dad and I built one out of a slab of wood we had lying around. We drew our shape and cut away. I can't remember sanding it or even adding grip, just laid down some house paint and it was golden. This definitely was a time period that sparked my interest in skateboarding.

As time went on my interest drew toward surfing. First short boards, then longboards and eventually classic boards. But like all surfers, I was pretty bummed when the waves went flat. So my interest in skating returned once again, but now I had a new outlook.

I purchased my first longboard skateboard at a skate shop in Chinatown, NYC. It just so happened to have the first torsion truck design. Carving turns truly felt like sidewalk surfing...I was hooked. Eventually I began down-hilling and there I learned to feel and understand my ride. This fueled my desire to seek out a premium board. So i did ... and eventually decided to carve my own.

Many years down the road, I relocated my family to Saint Augustine, FL. There, longwoodskateboards was born... and the vision to try to provide a better board.